sovereignty [n] domination ascendancy, ascendant, dominance, dominion, jurisdiction, preeminence, prepotence, prepotency, primacy, supremacy, supreme power, sway; concept 299 —Ant. submission

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  • sovereignty — sov·er·eign·ty also sov·ran·ty / sä vrən tē, sə , və rən / n pl ties 1 a: supreme power esp. over a body politic b: freedom from external control: autonomy 2: one that is sovereign; esp: an autonomous state …   Law dictionary

  • Sovereignty — Sov er*eign*ty, n.; pl. {Sovereignties}. [OE. soverainetee, OF. sovrainet[ e], F. souverainet[ e].] The quality or state of being sovereign, or of being a sovereign; the exercise of, or right to exercise, supreme power; dominion; sway; supremacy; …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • sovereignty — mid 14c., pre eminence, from Anglo Fr. sovereynete, from O.Fr. souverainete, from soverain (see SOVEREIGN (Cf. sovereign)). Meaning authority, rule is recorded from late 14c.; sense of existence as an independent state is from 1715 …   Etymology dictionary

  • sovereignty — independence, freedom, autonomy, autarky, autarchy (see under FREE adj) Analogous words: *supremacy, ascendancy: command, sway, control, dominion, *power, authority …   New Dictionary of Synonyms

  • sovereignty — ► NOUN (pl. sovereignties) 1) supreme power or authority. 2) a self governing state …   English terms dictionary

  • sovereignty — [säv′rəntē, säv′ər intē; ] occas [.suv′rəntē, suv′ər intē] n. pl. sovereignties [ME soverainete < Anglo Fr sovereyneté, OFr souveraineté] 1. the state or quality of being sovereign 2. the status, dominion, rule, or power of a sovereign 3.… …   English World dictionary

  • Sovereignty — Sovereign redirects here. For other uses, see Sovereign (disambiguation). The frontispiece of Thomas Hobbes Leviathan, depicting the Sovereign as a massive body wielding a sword and crozier and composed of many individual people. Sovereignty is… …   Wikipedia

  • sovereignty — /sov rin tee, suv /, n., pl. sovereignties. 1. the quality or state of being sovereign. 2. the status, dominion, power, or authority of a sovereign; royalty. 3. supreme and independent power or authority in government as possessed or claimed by a …   Universalium

  • sovereignty — noun ADJECTIVE ▪ absolute, full, unlimited ▪ Demonstrators demanded full sovereignty for the self proclaimed republic. ▪ limited ▪ joint, shared …   Collocations dictionary

  • sovereignty — n. 1) to grant sovereignty 2) to establish sovereignty 3) to violate a country s sovereignty 4) sovereignty over * * * [ sɒvrɪntɪ] to establishsovereignty to grant sovereignty to violate a country s sovereignty sovereignty over …   Combinatory dictionary

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